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Liberty Private Care don’t just provide homecare, we provide homecare plus……a true wrap around service that you can rely on and trust.

To be honest, all homecare businesses provide basic homecare; they help people get washed and dressed, help with going to the toilet, making meals, companionship, getting ready for bed, accompanying to a medical appointment, sleeping in overnight, to give some examples, but we go further by bridging the gap between care and nursing to deliver a substantial service.



The homecare plus is what sets us apart!

We provide a higher quality service because all our carers are qualified and receive extra, specialised training. This means they have more knowledge and understanding of a situation and are competent to do more eg medications, wound dressings, deal with colostomies/ileostomies, provide end of life care etc.

Our carers are supported by a highly experienced and skilled management team who take a ‘hands on ‘approach to ensure that theirs and the carers skills and expertise are deployed for the benefit of the client. We are a nurse led service employing an experienced Registered General Nurse to oversee all aspects of our services, who in turn is supported by a Registered Manager with 25 years direct care management experience. This means that our carers are trained to enhanced levels to monitor health and provide some nursing tasks once considered to be the sole remit of general nursing.

We also have an advanced communication system so that all staff (management & carers) know exactly what is going on in real time.

We also have a company vehicle that is wheelchair accessible and is available to be booked to take a client to medical appointments, shopping or social trips. 


Our management team goes the extra mile to ease the burden on the client and their family in co-ordinating other services such as appointments, trades people, healthcare professionals as well as anything else we are able to help with.

We take the strain so that you don’t have to. Our wrap around service gives peace of mind that issues are being resolved in a professional and timely way, allows family members to be family members and not carers and saves time for those with busy family and professional commitments so that sorting out issues isn’t eating into their personal or family time. This can be especially useful for family members that don’t live close by.

Our management team will always get authorisation first to do something and will report back afterwards about the outcome. Examples of things we have organised are getting the clients carpets cleaned, putting an extra television in the bedroom, arranging supplies of continence products, arranging for the fire brigade to do a home visit/fire evacuation plan, arranging a podiatrist. There is no extra cost to co-ordinating these ‘extras’, it is included as part of our hourly rate and is just one of the ways we offer a superior service.


If you are interested in homecare from Liberty Private Care and would like to find out how we can help you or a family member, please telephone us in the first instance. We will discuss sufficient information over the phone to determine that we may be able to help you or your family member and that our service is something that you would be interested in exploring further. If this is the case, we will arrange for someone from our management team to come out and meet you to discuss things further.

Following this meeting, if agreement is made to proceed with our service, our registered nurse will come and visit you to discuss your health and care needs and will then compile an individualised care plan for you taking into account your wishes. A date will be agreed with you for commencing our service as well as the length of each visit, number of visits a day/week and time each visit will commence. All visits are charged for a minimum of 1 hour duration although the carer does not have to stay that long should you not want them to. We are able to provide carers for up to 24 hours a day and can provide 2 Carers at the same time if needed. We also provide Live In Care for short or long term care


By staying in your own home you are able to stay in familiar surroundings without the need to sell your house. You retain control over your situation & surroundings and maintain your privacy both personally & financially.

Your family will be able to visit you at your convenience and clients with dementia are saved from their dementia deteriorating due to a change in surroundings.

You can get up when you want, eat when you want, go out when you want & go to bed when you want.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to define the future of private home care.

We do this by placing our clients and those closest to them, at the centre of our activities, coordinating with a wide group of people, assured by the experience and qualifications of a dedicated care team focused on the client to:

  • Provide a bespoke nurse led care and support service to meet the needs expressed by the you and your families
  • Exceed your expectations
  • Ensure that a decision to commission care and support from Liberty Private Care is a trusted one

If you would like to discuss this service further, please telephone us on 01202 800494

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