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Telephone Check

Many people find that they don’t actually need a level of care, but what they do need is a level of support and contact which provides reassurance for the client and their families.

Living a distance away or having busy family and professional lives can make it difficult to be that consistent point of contact for some family members, especially when something needs to be done, for example shopping, coordinating a GP or hospital appointment or something as simple as reminding your loved one to take their medication.

So Liberty Private Care developed a service in which we telephone the client as often as you need us to, to ensure that the client is well and does not need anything. Telephone checks can be accompanied by a periodic booked client visit to check on them at home. Often this provides a less costly alternative to commissioning a carer every day.

Each telephone check will last up to 15 minutes and apart from confirming that your family member is alright, it also gives the opportunity to have a friendly chat with them.

Sometimes an issue can be raised by the client or the staff member, which will establish that something needs further attention, and we will then either contact the nominated individual for instructions or can take the necessary action to resolve that issue and provide feedback to a client’s family.

Emergency Call Out

We offer this service on a weekly or monthly retainer basis. Should an emergency call out be necessary, there is an extra charge for attending the client.

The emergency may be in response to an electronic or telephone alarm system. Many of these systems only provide telephone response advising nominated family members of an alert at any time of day or night. Liberty Private Care can be a local nominated point of contact to respond sending one of our experienced and qualified care team to respond to a given event.

It may be that you have an emergency that you are unable to deal with and need a trusted person to come and help you.

Whatever the situation Liberty Private Care are happy to be the nominated point of contact for response 365 days per year. Giving the client and family the peace of mind that they will receive our full concierge service in an event, delivered by qualified and experienced care teams, with clinical oversight from a Nurse. This may be in response to a request from the client, a relative living a distance away or via a Lifeline service.

If you would like to discuss either of these service further, please telephone us on 01202 800494

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