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Wheelchair Accessible Transport

Liberty Private Care have their own wheelchair accessible transport available to take clients out and about. It is available for bookings of a minimum of two hours with a qualified carer driving the car and providing care and support for the whole duration.


Of course, you don’t have to be in a wheelchair to use this service and we can also take another passenger if required, so ideal for a couple.

Our car can be booked for such things as taking you for medical appointments, shopping trips, theatre visits, visiting family, days out, attending a wedding or other family event.

The Driver

The driver will be one of our qualified carers. They will also have undertaken professional driver training so that they have more awareness of what to think about and do when driving a client.

They will not only drive you, but will stay with you at your destination to provide care and support as required.

The driver/carer is insured to drive the car on Liberty Private Care’s insurance policy.

The car

Our car is insured and maintained and owned by Liberty Private Care 

We have a Blue Badge for when parking to make your destination more accessible.


If you are interested in using this service, please telephone us in the first instance and we will discuss your requirements with you.

We will ask you where you wish to go, the length of time you will be in total and what care you will need during the trip, plus about any health conditions we need to be aware of. This will enable us to be able to give you a quote for the cost of the service.

The first15 miles from our office in Christchurch is included, mileage in excess of that is charged at an additional 35 pence per mile.

On the day, the carer will collect you from the prearranged address and take you to your destination. Once there, they will accompany you to provide care and support as required.

If there is a part of the trip when you do not want the carer to be present, they will wait for you at a nearby location until you are ready for them to accompany you again.

The carer will return you in the car to your prearranged destination in time for the end of the arranged trip.

What the carer can do

Some examples of what the carer can do during the visit are:

• Assist with medication

• Assist with toileting

• Assist in emptying a catheter/colostomy

• Push you in a wheelchair

• Help you with your shopping

• Make sure you are safe

• Go into a medical appointment with you and (with permission) report back to a family member about the appointment

• Provide companionship

If you would like to discuss this service further, please telephone us on 01202 800494

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