Our Terms of Business

These Terms of Business are the principal provisions governing the services provided by individual carer(s) employed by Liberty Private Care to its Clients and are structured in such a way as to assure legal compliance with regulations such as the Working Time Regulations.

Liberty Private Care Ltd t/a Liberty Private Care, company registered number 11608705, 

• is registered with the Care Quality Commission and employs carers who are available for work in people’s homes and are introduced by Liberty Private Care for this purpose.

• uses a system of supervision and quality control for that service provision.

• is a member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association

• staff are trained to adhere to the current care standards and codes of practice, copies of which are available on request.

• shall be entitled to vary these terms and conditions at any time.

• requires at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or changes of any care visit for ANY reason, failure to give such notice directly to the office will result in charges being applied.

• will render a weekly account to the client for services provided by the carer(s) and Liberty Private Care.  All accounts are payable within seven days of the date of the invoice.

• will give a minimum of fourteen days notice of any increase in the fees payable for their services.

• will give a minimum of 24 hours notice to withdraw the service, save in the case of substantial breach of any express or implied term by the client in which case the services may be withdrawn immediately.

• Any change to your requirements must be agreed in advance between you, Liberty Private Care and, if applicable, your authorised representative, and/or the organisation that is funding your care.

• You are entitled to request a change of carer(s) at any time on reasonable grounds.

• This agreement and all rights under it may be assigned or transferred by Liberty Private Care providing Liberty Private Care gives fourteen days notice.

• All carers are employed under contract with Liberty Private Care for the provision of care services.

• Care services are provided in compliance those identified as a ‘regulated activity’ as per the Health and Social Care Act. Care services outside that current definition can be provided subject to conditions and agreements.

• Invoice(s) can be paid by card, cheque or bank transfer to our bank account which will appear on the invoice.

• Failure to pay the account within the seven days may result in suspension of our services to the client.

• In the event of any carer(s) whom has been introduced by Liberty Private Care entering into an agreement with the client or any third party to whom the carer(s) was also introduced, the client, or third party shall be liable for a placement fee of £2,000 which must be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.

• For each care visit the carer(s) will remain for the duration of the booking. Some clients are happy for the carer(s) to leave once the care has been done, and needs and objectives for that visit have been met. Some prefer the carer(s) to stay the full duration of the visit. We ask our clients to tell us what their individual preference is in this regard. Unused time cannot be carried over or ‘banked’.

• The minimum booking length is one hour. Unused time cannot be carried over or ‘banked’.

• The provision of care is provided on the basis that the carer(s) have reasonable time to deliver the agreed plan of care and are not rushed, which could then lead to the care and or health and safety being compromised.

• The client shall give a minimum of 24 hours notice to terminate the service.

• The carer(s) may require the client to sign a timesheet upon which the carer(s) wages may rely.

• The client has the right to cancel this Agreement within 14 days of the date of the Agreement. However, if the clientdoes decide to cancel the Agreement within the 14 day cancellation period and the provision of services has commenced, the client agrees to pay to Liberty Private Care any amounts due.

• Sleep Nights are subject to there being only one disturbance for the carer(s) through the night.

• Wake Nights are subject to breaks.

• Mileage is chargeable should the carer(s) use their own car for example for shopping trips, collect prescriptions etc.

• Carer(s) are not allowed to use their own vehicle to take a client to a location or for another purpose ie shopping, without the prior consent of Liberty Private Care.

• For our current client’s, charges for Urgent Call Out include the first hour, any continuation is charged at the normal Hourly Rate. Urgent Call Out is only available between 7am and 10pm.

• People who are not our clients can use the Lifeline Red Button Response service and the Urgent Call Out service but will be charged mileage. Payment for this service must be made within 24 hours.

• All bank holidays are charged at 1.5 times the normal rate for the whole 24 hour period of Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day, Spring Bank Holiday, August Bank Holiday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day plus any additional bank holidays which may be announced. In the event of a night shift the whole shift is charged at 1.5 the usual rate if that night rate starts or ends on a bank holiday.

• The hourly rate for the service delivered will be calculated and vary due to the type of service, its complexity, time of day and frequency of service, day(s) of the week the service is required, number of carer(s) required to deliver the service and the location of the customer to whom we deliver the service.

Cancellation fees

Should a client need to cancel a visit they should do so as soon as possible so that any applicable charges can be minimised, and so that we can inform our carer(s) of the cancellation. You can inform us of cancellation between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday on 01202 800494, and at any other time via our out of office on call service, including bank holidays. Please note that the on call service only operates between 7am and 10pm. Cancellations cannot be made during the night between 10pm and 7am.

If the carer(s) arrives at their place of work for a scheduled visit and they are not required for any reason, the client will be charged the full applicable rate.

If a scheduled visit is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice the applicable rate will be charged.

Please ask us for a copy of our current rates and charges.