Advanced carer training in Christchurch

When it comes to working care jobs in Christchurch, there are so many benefits to getting further training beyond the usual NVQs. Here at Liberty Private Care, we’re committed to providing the best possible care by bridging the gap between traditional and nursing care. That’s why, through innovation and nurse-led training, we ensure our carers have the tools, resources and support necessary to provide top-notch care. 

Read on to discover how we support our carers with advanced carer training opportunities. 

Why you should expand your care toolbox

There are many benefits of expanding your care toolbox and learning new skills. To start with, you’ll have more opportunities to help people who experience greater, more complex needs. Knowing that you’re truly making a significant difference in someone’s life can be incredibly rewarding and provide increased job satisfaction. As well, empowered by your new skills,  you’ll feel more confident in your ability as a carer. There will be a sense of pride and accomplishment as you put your skills into practice – and that’s a priceless feeling. All in all, having increased knowledge can be more rewarding on all fronts, including on emotional, practical and intellectual levels. 

Growing your career with us 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional and nursing care. To ensure that you have the tools, resources and qualifications to provide the highest standard of care possible, our nurse-led training takes place at our modern training facilities in Christchurch. We also focus on training in clinical procedures such as observations, wound dressing and insulin injections. Whether you’re taking part in our comprehensive induction training or learning to put together care plans, we’ll make sure you have the necessary support and supervision to succeed in your work.

We can help you specialise in complex care conditions. We will fund and support you on your journey to achieving the Six Steps to Success accreditation. As the name suggests, complex care conditions require additional knowledge, skills and training due to their complex nature. Common complex care conditions include dementia, stroke recovery or end-of-life care. We can support and equip you to deliver these specialised types of care with skill and sensitivity. 

Last but not least, we’ll provide training on RESTORE2 which is a national standardised response for the assessment and management of clients, supported by the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups. Knowledge of RESTORE2 is a useful skill to have when regularly observing clients as it allows carers to better monitor their health. 

Supporting our family of carers

We are proud to support carers in developing their careers, expanding their care toolbox and growing their skills. In addition to providing opportunities for structured career advancement, we frequently put forward team members for local and national awards. Why? Because we believe you deserve recognition and appreciation for the work you do. 

Get in touch

We are always on the lookout for professional carers to join our elite team. If you are interested in joining our compassionate family of carers, please do not hesitate to contact us or phone us on 01202 800 494. We look forward to answering your questions. You can also find more information or apply to be part of our team here.