Care and technology a match made in heaven

This is great news. The advent of the internet and advances in technology have converged to present new opportunities to help people with Alzheimer’s. But it’s not just Alzheimer’s. Many people suffering the effects of various conditions would also benefit from the development of this type of tech to help them. It’s not unusual now to find the provision of care includes some monitoring or sensory device. As I take part in discussions about technology with people, one aspect is consistently overlooked, and that is the limitations of such devices.

If a device detects something for example that someone has appeared to have fallen or not got out of bed, then what? Who does what? Who is responsible for then making a decision and taking the next step? We still need a human response to do the physical stuff like get there, open the door, go in and resolve that issue.

I applaud the Alzheimer’s Society in their involvement in the centre. I hope I can contribute to its success.

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