Nurses urged to be alert to dangers of sepsis

Sepsis is a challenge not just in hospitals but for people at home. In an article in the Guardian Newspaper Sept 2017 the Guardian disclosed ‘In the UK alone, sepsis is responsible for 44,000 deaths every year, more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. Despite this, a recent survey found that 44% of people in the UK have never heard of sepsis and have little idea that it is a life-threatening emergency.’

Generally, carers are not at the forefront of monitoring for the advent of sepsis or indeed other conditions. This is due to several factors. Homecare providers generally are not considered to be part of the vanguard watching for signs and symptoms of sepsis, and because organisations do not have access to the professional skills senior managers and the decision makers in home care companies are not as aware of sepsis as they could be.

Subsequently, opportunities for early diagnosis are often missed when early detection reduces the risk of adverse outcomes and increases the opportunity for recovery.

Sadly, an effective framework in which care providers are utilised to monitor health is not easily available. At Liberty Private Care we have overcome these obstacles by employing qualified and experienced Nurses to monitor various health conditions such as sepsis and diabetes and train and supervise the care staff to be aware and vigilant to the potential for the onset of these and other conditions.

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