Can end of life care be provided at home?

Can end of life care be provided at home?

Everyone approaching the end of life deserves high-quality, compassionate care. Here at Liberty Private Care, we believe every individual is entitled to receive the standard of care that meets their needs whether that be in a hospital, a hospice, a care home – or even in the comfort of their own home. By providing treatment, care and support in a safe and familiar environment, end of life care at home ensures a person spends their last days as comfortably as possible. 

If you and your loved one require end of life care in Christchurch and the surrounding area, read on. In this blog post, we provide information on the support and resources available for loved ones approaching the end of life. 

What is end of life care?
End of life care is treatment and care provided to people who are in their last days, weeks, months, or year of their life. Depending on a person’s needs and preferences, end of life care can be provided in a variety of environments, including the comfort of one’s own home. End of life care can be tailored to meet your family’s needs, whether that be support in preparation for the day or more comprehensive support, including help with medication, personal care, and nursing. 

Palliative care vs end of life care
Many people wonder at the difference between palliative care and end of life care. Palliative Care does not necessarily mean that a person is likely to pass away soon. However, it ensures a person with a life-limiting condition receives the appropriate care, treatment, and support required. The goal of palliative care is to help a person live a happy and fulfilled life in the time he or she has left. To do this, we focus on improving the quality of life for our patients through a combination of physical and emotional support. 

Planning ahead: end of life care at home
We believe people approaching the end of life deserve to stay in a place they feel most comfortable, surrounded by happy memories and loved ones. That’s why our mission is to ease the process for all involved and allow families to spend quality time with their loved one approaching the end of life. 

We believe every person is entitled to choose where they want to spend their last days, to live as well as possible, and die with dignity.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ perspective when it comes to care as we understand that every person has his or her individual needs, preferences, and concerns.

Quality care and support 
To ensure your loved one receives the best care and support available, we work with other health professionals to manage physical symptoms, help with personal care like washing and dressing, and provide emotional, spiritual, and psychological support. We are accredited with the ‘Six Step Programme’ and use this approach to provide bespoke services to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Get in touch
We understand that end of life care is a sensitive subject. If you have any questions or require more information, please get in touch or telephone us on 01202 800494. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to provide as much support as needed during this difficult time.