Is home care the best option?

Is home care the best option?

When you’re juggling work and family commitments, caring for an elderly family member can become stressful. Care homes have long been the traditional solution but home care is fast becoming a popular alternative. Perhaps you’re now asking yourself ‘is home care the best option?’. To help answer that question, we’ll run through exactly what our homecare in Christchurch involves and how it can help you and your loved one.

What does home care provide?

Domiciliary (or home care) describes the support services provided in an individual’s own home so they can continue to live there safely and comfortably. It may include: 

  • helping your loved one with personal hygiene and getting dressed
  • providing companionship 
  • preparing meals
  • light housekeeping
  • accompanying your loved one to doctor’s appointments, the grocery shop or other outings.

However, we go one step further with Homecare Plus, offering wrap-around services for extra peace of mind. Our management team coordinates with tradespeople and healthcare professionals and schedules medical appointments. We act as an extension to your family, taking care of all the details so you and your loved one can enjoy each and every day without worry. 

How can home care help you and your loved one?

Simply put, our home care services offer peace of mind for both you and your loved one, especially if you aren’t always within easy reach. It means when you do spend time together, it’s quality time, free from concerns over whether your loved one has everything they need. 

We’ve seen the tremendous benefits in the quality of life for our clients. So, is home care the best option for your loved one? Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of our homecare in Christchurch. 

What are the benefits of home care?

Independent living

Letting your loved one stay in their existing home in many cases allows you to respect their wishes and their desire to remain as independent as possible. It means they don’t need to adjust their routine and can retain greater control over how they choose to live their life. This could be as simple as deciding when and what they want to eat to more fundamental choices such as continuing to be an active member of their local neighbourhood and wider community. 

Financial clarity

You may be surprised to learn that home care is often less expensive than residential care. What’s more, with our transparent pricing, you and your loved one will know exactly where you stand financially.

Enhanced care

We have enhanced registration with the Care Quality Commission — the official UK body that inspects care provision. This means our nurse-trained staff can bridge the gap between nursing and general care. This might include dressing wounds, issuing medications, dealing with colostomies, or providing end of life care, depending on your loved one’s needs.

Care as and when needed

Our care is available from 1–24 hours each day, with flexibility to increase hours as needed by your loved one, for example while recovering from an illness. However many hours of care your loved one needs, their dedicated carers will always keep a close eye out for potential health issues and notify the relevant healthcare professionals if and when further care is needed.

Personalised care

We value your and your loved one’s input. Providing your loved one with personalised care in their own home involves our team communicating clearly with your loved one and the people most important in their life. Built on this foundation of trust and inclusivity, we’re able to tailor our home care to meet the very particular needs of your loved one. 

Connecting to community 

Our home care takes care of your loved one’s social and shopping needs too. With our wheelchair accessible vehicles, we can easily accompany them on trips to the shops as well as day trips and outings to meet friends and family. Nurturing these interactions between your loved one and their wider community is just as important to us as their physical wellbeing. 

Peace of mind

Knowing your loved one will be visited on time by the same DBS-checked carers allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that a consistent level of care will be delivered. We don’t swap out carers week-on-week as we understand the importance of building trust and companionship, which takes time and dedication. Your loved one can therefore look forward to the same friendly faces visiting them on a regular basis. 

So, ‘is home care the best option?’. We hope you’ll now agree that the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ when you choose Liberty Private Care. 

To learn more about how we can help your loved one live life to the full in their own home and on their own terms, contact us on 01202 800 494 or at