Commencing a new client during the COVID-19 pandemic

When providing a new care service to you in your own home there is a process we go through prior to the start of the care to ensure that the services meet your need, and that you are involved and treated with respect and dignity.

Once we have taken the initial details from an enquiry or referral, our nurse, Amy, arranges to meet you to carry out the assessments we need before starting the care. Your relative or someone to represent you, can also be present to support you. During this meeting we will always wear PPE’s and use hand sanitiser before entering your home.

As a regulated service with the Care Quality Commission Liberty Private Care must comply with Regulations and complete assessments prior to the commencement of care. The assessments are carried out by Amy and are designed to do three main things:

  1. Ensure that we determine important information about you to enable us to provide the agreed level of care for you, for example information about any health issues we need to consider, any known allergies or if support with medications is needed.
  2. To establish that your home environment is safe for the carer to provide your care. Sometimes equipment may be in use by the carer, for example relating to assisting a person mobilise around their home and so we have to make sure that the equipment is safe.
  3. Establish the risks of infection from coronavirus to you and anyone else in your home by competing an Infection Control Audit. This audit checks to make sure that potential sources of infection are identified and that measures are taken to reduce or eliminate the risks to you and your care team.

These three things are brought together and used to produce a care plan, which is never set in stone and may change in response to your care needs.

You should be given a copy of a document called a ‘Client Guide’. This is an important document and is a regulatory requirement containing information for you about Liberty Private Care, how we work and to whom and how you can submit a complaint or compliment.

From there, Amy introduces your care team and starts the care on the day you elect. A consistent team of carers continue to monitor your care and wellbeing supported by Amy, and under her direct nursing supervision.