Home care safety measures with COVID19 virus

We know that people are very nervous at the moment about arranging homecare because it means someone coming into your home and in a lot of cases, being close up to you to help with any personal needs, like helping you to get dressed, so we wanted to explain the measures that we have put in place at Liberty Private Care to keep you as safe as we possibly can.

Our carers wear a surgical mask which they put on correctly before they enter your home, along with gloves and an apron which are changed between each client. In a case where a client has contracted COVID19 our carers will wear further protective equipment including full face shield visor.

The masks are a hospital grade which filter out % of microbes and they have a CE marking.

Hands are still washed or sanitised when necessary, even with the gloves on, to prevent cross contamination within your home.

All our carers carry a kit to be able to perform observations on our clients, every few days routinely, or more often as necessary, if any readings are outside the normal parameters.

This is part of the RESTORE2 programme, which is a national standardised response supported by the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups for the assessment & management of clients.

All our carers have been specifically trained by our nurse to use the equipment and to fill in the RESPONSE2 form. Any abnormal results would be fed back to your GP and the Liberty Private Care management team for further instructions to the Carer or advice to you.

RESTORE2 can pick up when someone is becoming unwell at an early stage & is particularly useful for conditions such as sepsis or Covid-19. Early detection leads to early treatment can prevent a hospital admission.

As far as we are aware, we are the only home care company in the area that uses RESTORE2.