Defining The Future Of Private Homecare

Did you know?……….

All of our NVQ qualified carers carry equipment with them so that they can take regular observations from our clients. The emphasis here is monitoring, detection, action.

We do this by applying ‘RESTORE2’* which is a national standardised response supported by the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups for the assessment and management of clients. Liberty Private Care have adopted this programme for the benefit and wellbeing of our clients and our carers have been specifically trained to use the equipment and apply the results to the RESTORE2 scoring chart.

Observations are physical measurements that indicate what is or can be happening to a person, these include taking blood pressure, pulse, breathing rate, temperature, oxygen saturation and levels of consciousness.

RESTORE2 enables us to monitor a client’s health, highlighting occasions when something may be happening, for example the onset of infection which could be as serious as sepsis or coronavirus, or the beginnings of a medical event.

All observation results are scored and the score dictates the action that we would take, ranging from repeat observations in 12 hours, to dial 999 with continuous monitoring until transfer.

Whilst this system is extremely useful in “normal” circumstances, during the Covid19 pandemic it becomes even more useful for monitoring our vulnerable clients to get treatment, if necessary, as soon as possible.