Live-in care or care home?

Are you wondering whether live-in care or a care home is best for your loved one? This is a big decision, one that requires careful thought and consideration. After all, you want what’s best for your loved one. 

While both live in care and residential care provide professional support to those who require additional assistance as they age, one option may be better suited to your loved one’s needs and desires. 

Read on to learn more about care homes and live-in care in Christchurch so that you make an informed decision. 

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is round-the-clock care and companionship provided to a person in the comfort of their home. Consider your live-in carer an extra family member who you can count on to feel safe and supported. 

For example, you can rely on your dedicated carer to help with personal tasks like toileting and dressing, take care of domestic duties like cleaning, washing, and ironing, administering medication, preparing nutritional meals, and providing constant companionship. Because we understand that you have a life outside your home too, your live-in carer will also accompany you to events, activities, appointments, and anywhere else you need to be. 

What happens at a care home?

Care homes accommodate and support ageing adults or those who have trouble managing daily life at home. The purpose of a care home is to provide a space where people who can no longer live independently can live comfortably and safely. 

At a care home, a team of carers will look after your loved one’s needs such as washing, dressing, toileting, and administering medication. Your loved one will have their own room while also enjoying shared facilities like a dining area or television room. Some care homes also have gardens, hair salons, and other facilities for residents to enjoy. 

Similarities and differences 

The main difference between live-in care and a care home is that residential care requires a change in environment. For some people, this may not be an issue, but for people living with conditions like dementia, this change in routine can be unsettling. 

While both options offer 24/7 care, the care provided in a care home may be less personal as duties are shared by a rotation of staff members. Finally, care homes may or may not allow pets and may have less flexibility regarding visiting hours and meal times. 

Making the right choice for you

At the end of the day, choosing between a care home and live-in care is a personal preference. Some people may enjoy staying in the familiarity of home, where they are surrounded by pets and memories, while others may prefer the group activities and organised outings that care homes provide. 

Some individuals may appreciate the highly personalised care that live-in care offers while this factor may be less important to others. It all comes down to your personal desires and medical needs. No matter what you choose, we hope the information in this blog has given you a better understanding of each option so your loved one receives the support that best helps them thrive. 

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