When may end of life care be needed?

As your loved one approaches the end of life, you naturally want what’s best for them. We believe that everyone approaching the end of their life or dealing with a life-limiting illness deserves to receive the best standard of care possible and to remain in the place they feel most comfortable: home. 

Read on to learn more about end of life care in Christchurch and how it can support you and your family during this emotionally-difficult time. 

Understanding end of life care

End of life care supports people during their last months or weeks of life, ensuring they are as comfortable and cared for as possible. By providing end of life care at home, we ensure a person can remain in the familiarity of home, surrounded by memories, pets, and loved ones.

For many, receiving end of life care at home is the preferred alternative to moving into a care home, hospital ward, or hospice in order to receive the necessary care. The physical and emotional support we provide is tailored to each person’s needs and desires. This can include personal care, meal preparation, housekeeping, continence care, basic or comprehensive clinical support, and psychological support. 

End of life care vs palliative care

End of life care is a form of palliative care. Unlike end of life care, which a person receives in their last few days or months of life, the timeframe for palliative care is much broader. It can be offered at any point following a terminal diagnosis. 

Taking a holistic approach to care, palliative care aims to help a person to live as well as possible while managing a terminal illness. We achieve this through a combination of practical support, emotional, spiritual and psychological support, and help to manage pain and symptoms. 

Benefits of end of life care 

There are many benefits to receiving end of life care at home. To start with, there is no need to go through the emotional and physical upheaval of moving to a different environment. 

Rather, we focus on keeping the person receiving care as comfortable as possible at home, and enabling them to enjoy quality time with family, friends, loved ones, and pets. Remaining in the comforts of home also ensures privacy and brings peace of mind to family.

We believe everyone deserves to cherish their last chapter and live out their final moments with respect and dignity. End of life care at home makes this possible. 

When is end of life care needed?

End of life care is provided during the last days or months of a person’s life. As everyone’s situation is different, it’s important to be flexible and sensitive to the needs of others. 

Some people receive end of life care when they are expected to pass away within the next few hours while others may receive this care over the span of months. 

Whether passing is imminent or expected within the next year, here are some situations where end of life care may be needed:

  • diagnosed with an incurable disease such as cancer, dementia or motor neurone disease
  • expected to pass within 12 months due to old age or existing conditions
  • An accident or stroke has caused a life-threatening acute condition 

Get in touch

If you or your loved one would like to discuss our end of life care services or have any questions, we are here to support you during this challenging time. Please do not hesitate to contact us or phone us on 01202 800 494. Our compassionate staff are happy to answer any of your questions.