Who would benefit from live in care?

Live in care is round the clock companionship and comprehensive care for you or your loved one, provided in the comfort of your home. 

Rather than moving into a care home or spending lots of time in and out of hospital wards in order to receive any necessary support, live in care is a much more convenient and cost-effective alternative. 

Read on to discover the benefits of live in care in Christchurch and the circumstances that would make live in care an ideal solution. 

What is live in care? 

Live in care is a practical, empowering, and financially-friendly solution for people who need constant care and support. If regular home care visits are no longer enough to allow you or your loved one to continue living safely at home, live in care may be the answer.

With live in care, you have the peace of mind knowing that a compassionate carer is with you 24/7 to look after your care needs and take care of domestic duties. Plus, live in care helps you retain your independence, keep your routine, and remain in the place you know and love best for as long as possible: your home. 

Benefits of live in care

Live in care is a practical, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to a care home. For many people, it’s the desired choice as it eliminates the emotional and physical upheaval of uprooting your life and moving into a new environment. 

Rather, you get to remain in a place of familiarity, the place you have lovingly created, surrounded by pets, loved ones, and happy memories. Receiving practical and personalised support at home ensures you get to maintain any routines and enjoy your independence for longer. 

Who is live in care for?

In short, live in care is a great choice for anyone in need of extra care and support who wants to remain living at home. It also ensures couples can remain living under the same roof, despite a change in one person’s care needs. 

However, 24/7 care is particularly beneficial to those with complex care needs or who are recovering from an illness or injury. These can include:


A change in environment can be extremely unsettling for people with dementia. Live in care ensures a person remains in a place of familiarity where structure and routine is maintained. 

Fall or illness

Following a hospital day or while recovering from an illness or injury, a person may require an extra hand with personal care, running errands, or household tasks. Short-term live in care can support a person’s healing journey so they are back on their feet as quickly as possible. 

Stroke recovery

During the rehabilitation process following a stroke, extra support may be needed to regain independence. Specialist live in care can help a person recover as quickly as possible. 

Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease impedes on a person’s independence and can compromise their safety at home. The presence of a dedicated carer can help a person adapt to these new challenges and help them live a fulfilled life. 

Huntington’s disease 

Consistent companionship and medical assistance can help a person living with this progressive disease live safely and happily at home. 

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