Learning from risks

hearing aid in ear

Over ‘237 million medication errors occur in England each year’. This is an astonishing amount and occurs in all care locations including but not limited to hospitals, clinics, residential and nursing homes and in homecare. The Care Quality Commission has produced good guidance in involving pharmacies for organisations to access. Often, seeking guidance with medications…

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Care and technology a match made in heaven

elderly couple holding hands

This is great news. The advent of the internet and advances in technology have converged to present new opportunities to help people with Alzheimer’s. But it’s not just Alzheimer’s. Many people suffering the effects of various conditions would also benefit from the development of this type of tech to help them. It’s not unusual now…

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The Green Paper

carer helping elderly woman do up her buttons

This must move onto publication. The whole care sector needs this resolving. There would be no real disadvantage to its publication to facilitate lively discussion about its contents. The care sector, its regulators, insurers, trainers, staff, representative organisations etc need to start to look at where this is likely to go. Of course, it’s not…

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The writing on the wall

nhs nurse helping elderly woman in wheelchair

In common with most politicians, the obvious is stated here as if it’s something they have only recently discovered. The reality in fact is that Government has ignored repeated cries from the whole of the care sector and its representatives and has elected to aim its funding directly at the ‘Bullseye’, the NHS. It is…

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